Houston, We Have Lift-off

Photo Mambo.  Share Pictures for KeepsToday we are launching Photo Mambo – a private, more lasting way to share pictures with family and close friends.  We’ve been operating Photo Mambo in a private beta test, and today are making it available to the public.

Photo Mambo is a new photo sharing service that transforms a loved one’s computer, iPad or iPhone into a digital picture frame that updates automatically each time a photo is shared.  Photo Mambo allows family and close friends to stay connected by sharing photos in a private format that encourages lasting viewability.

There are, of course, many ways to share photos today– Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Shutterfly–the list is long.  But, they are all inherently transient; pictures are seen once, but rarely make it into regular rotation. It’s the digital equivalent of stuffing pictures into shoeboxes, where they’re hidden away.  Now that’s actually fine for many pictures (like the pictures of my grade-school friend’s lunch today), but important pictures (like your grandchild’s first bike ride) deserve to be enjoyed day after day.

We wanted to provide a solution that allowed people to share photos privately with their families in a format that effortlessly keeps those important pictures front-and-center to be enjoyed again and again. Photo Mambo makes this possible by turning any computer, iPhone or iPad into a digital frame.

No more downloading photos from email or social media sites to copy them into a digital frame. With Photo Mambo, pictures are automatically updated, and just pop into the Frame to be enjoyed today or next week—or as long as you want them in rotation.

Photo Mambo is also completely private: users hand-select the people they share with, which is ideal for parents who may feel uncomfortable posting lots of pictures of their kids in a semi-public setting. Additionally, high quality digital copies are automatically delivered to selected family and friends, so they have copies for their own archives and photo projects without tediously downloading each image.  It’s easy enough for anyone to use, and you can find more info about how it works here.

We hope Photo Mambo delights the entire family.  Grandma’s iPhone becomes a brag book that automatically Loved ones receiveupdates each time you send pictures. The family’s home computer or iPad becomes a fresh, auto-updating, beautiful digital frame.  Mom and dad’s work computers can effortlessly display the latest pictures of the kids.

As we launch, we want to thank the many people who have helped us (and continue to help) as we prepared to bring Photo Mambo to you.  A special shout out to our friends and family who tested the service in it’s very early days, and to all the folks who participated in the private beta.  We haven’t implemented all your great ideas yet, but we have included many of them, and your input definitely made the product better.  Thank you!

We hope Photo Mambo will be a super easy way to share picture privately with your loved ones, and that the effortless, lasting viewability it creates will delight your family and close friends.  Please…let us know what you think.  We’re at team@photomambo.com.

The Photo Mambo Team

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Introducing Photo Mambo for iPad and iPhone

Today we’re announcing the new iPad and iPhone version of Photo Mambo, available on the App Store!iphone

All the goodness of Photo Mambo now on your iPhone and iPad!  Send pictures quickly to anyone’s Photo Mambo Frame from your iOS device (works on iPod, too).  So, the pictures you snap with your phone can be enjoyed again and again in your family and friends’ Photo Mambo Frames.

Photo Mambo turns any iPad or iPhone into a terrific digital picture frame that automatically updates whenever new pictures are receive via Photo Mambo.  Just one click on the Photo Mambo icon and your iPad goes into frame mode.  A nice new way to put your iPad to use when it’s charging.

We’re excited to announce it, and hope you’ll give it a try.

Your iPad becomes an auto-updating picture frame.

Your iPad becomes an auto-updating picture frame.

What is Photo Mambo? Picture It….

If a picture paints 1,000 words, we thought we’d try to tell the story of what Photo Mambo is using eleven pictures.  Cause let’s face it, you don’t want to read 11,000 words.  So, here it is…

Some pictures are so important Some pictures are so importantSome pictures are so importantLoved ones want to see them again and again Loved ones receive Your pictures on display whenever computer is on Bringing Smiles Day After Day When you send new pictures Delight family and friends Photo Mambo.  Share Pictures for Keeps

So, there you have it.  Share photos in a lasting way, so family and close friends can see pictures of the faces they love day after day.  If you think someone in your family would enjoy receiving pictures this way, we hope you will give it a try.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sending Smiles for Mother’s Day

We wanted to provide a little inspiration for sending the grandmother’s (and mother’s) in your life a little love on Mother’s Day.  You really can’t go wrong sending Grandma pictures of the smiling faces she loves.  (And sending them with Photo Mambo means she’ll enjoy those smiles day after day, long after Mother’s Day is over).

Some friends came over for a Mother’s Day photo shoot; maybe their Mother’s Day shots will inspire you to send some photo-love to Grandma and Mom this Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Sisters with Flowers edited

Boy with flowers close crop


Someday I will miss the misspellings….for now, I just love ‘em.




Boy with football

Mother's Day girl edited

Mother's DAy girl 3 edited


Art to warm a mom's heart

Art to warm a mom’s heart


Thanks so much to all our friends and family who let us share their pictures with you!

Capturing Cute Valentine’s Day Photos of Your Kids

Valentine's Girls with Photo Mambo logoLast February, a friend posted a particularly adorable photo of her daughters wearing heart-shaped antennae for Valentine’s Day.  Her delightful shots inspired me to seek out some other adorable shots you and your kids can shoot to send your spouse, parents, and siblings a delightful Valentine’s Day greeting.  Hope you are equally inspired.

The photo above is my favorite Valentine’s shot.  The ocean and sunset really set off the heart arms.  If you don’t live near the ocean, you could try the shot in front of a hedge or light-colored wall as a backdrop for your heart silhouette.

 These snow hearts are harder to make than they look, but they send a delightful message.

 Heart hands:  Nothing to buy, nothing to craft, guaranteed to get a smile from grandma and grandpa.  What’s not to love?

shutterstock_66115615 (1)


Of course, you can always shoot a photo of the kids’ Valentine crafts.  I’ve been known to use this as a creative procrastination solution — grandma gets the photo of the Valentine on Feb. 14th and the actual Valentine several days later.  More times to love it!


As my friend demonstrated, heart-themed accessories can deliver a quick and adorable Valentine’s Day photo.  Heart glasses, antennae, pillow…check out Walgreens and Target and start shooting.

Heart glasses

And finally…capture the artistic process on a less-than-typical canvas.  


It’s a very fun time of year to send pictures of the little ones to your spouse and grandparents, aunties and uncles.  I’d love to hear your favorite Valentine’s Day photo-shoots.  Any to share?

Author:  Deb Whitman is the co-founder and CEO of Photo Mambo.  

Grandma wants to see your pictures more than once

We founded Photo Mambo to let families easily share photos in a more enduring way.

Like many parents, my photo sharing reality changed the day I became a mom.  B.K. (before kids), friends and family may patiently view your attempts at artsy pictures from your trip to Costa Rica.  But they rarely text asking to see them again, or call asking for a “good quality” copy to keep.

All that changes after you have kids.  Suddenly there are people in your life who want to enjoy your photos not just once, but  again and again.  A one-time glimpse of the new grand baby just isn’t enough, they want to see that adorable face every day.   And that great shot of your son kicking the soccer ball?  Grandma needs a print she can put on her desk.  Although there are dozens of ways to share photos, there’s been no easy way to share them so they’re displayed to be enjoyed every day.

This was the inspiration for Photo Mambo — to make it dead simple for grandparents, aunts/uncles, and close friends to receive family photos and enjoy them again and again. 

Photo Mambo is an on-screen picture frame you send to loved ones already filled with photos. Your pictures are on display whenever their computer is running. When the computer is idle, the Photo Mambo Frame becomes a screensaver that transforms the computer screen into a large digital picture frame. When you share new photos, they are simply added to loved ones’ frames, so day after day they’ll enjoy photos of the faces they love.  

Photo Mambo is available for use in a private beta.  If you’d like to try it out, visit us at http://www.photomambo.com.  We’d love to have you try and and would really love to hear your thoughts.  Email us at team at photomambo dot com.

We know how important photos can be as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, we plan to use this blog to inspire, enjoy, and share some musings about fun photos that help connect families and friends.  Let us know what photos you’ve loved sharing with your family.