Need a Thoughtful Last-Minute Gift? Try the Gift of Experience

So, it’s the eleventh hour and you need a gift, but you want something that is thoughtful and will touch the person you’re giving it to.  Instead of heading to the mall to hunt for something tangible, give the gift of a wonderful experience.   Tickets to a play, a NASCAR ride-along, a morning deliver of latte & […]

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Photo Mambo Frame

Six Fun Ways to Share Your Most Adorable Halloween Photos

Here are six great ways to share pictures of your adorable tricky treaters, depending on what your sharing goals are! There are hundreds of ways to share digital photos these days.  But, unlike Lord of the Rings, none provides “one sharing solution to rule them all”.  The choice of which photo sharing solution works best often depends on […]

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A Gift to Touch Their Hearts for Grandparents Day (And It’s Free)

Ten Reasons a Photo Mambo Frame is the Perfect Gift for Grandparents Day The Grandparents get 20 new pictures of the grand kids They’ll enjoy seeing your smiling faces in those pictures month after month (pictures stay on display) You send it without leaving your armchair It arrives the same day you send it (a procrastinator’s dream) This gift keeps giving […]

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Here’s to the Truly Grand Grandparents

Grandparents were the inspiration behind Photo Mambo.  So, we wanted to take a moment this Grandparents Day to say thanks for the remarkable, important role they play in our kids’ lives (and in ours).  Here is a video card to say thanks to the Grands. It is inspired by our own grandparents (my granddad did teach […]

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Do We Really Need Grandparents Day?

Sunday September 7th is National Grandparents Day here in the United States.  It’s a celebration that’s been disparaged as a Hallmark holiday,* and called redundant in the wake of Mother’s and Father’s Days.  And it’s certainly true, in our family, that grandmas are celebrated on Mother’s Day and grandpas feted on Dad’s Day.   And yet, I […]

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Back to School

First Day of School Photo Traditions

As we arrived for the first day back to school, we saw the familiar line of families waiting to take pictures in front of the school signboard.  I love this tradition of taking essentially the same picture of your kids, year after year, on the first day of school.  It’s an easy way to capture a time-series of similar […]

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5 Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas copy

Last Minute Dad’s Day Gifts That’ll Surprise Him (In a Good Way!)

Procrastinators of the World, I salute us!  We know that just because we didn’t look for a gift until the day before Father’s Day (or the day of), it’s not because we don’t care.  So….here are 5 gifts from the heart meant to show dad (or grandpa) how much you care.  All of which you […]

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Best of Fathers Day (2) edited

Father’s Day Pictures to Delight Dad and GrandDads

As we head towards Father’s Day, I wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for Father’s Day pictures.  Pictures can be a terrific gift for even the most tough-to-buy-for dad or grand-dad. Fancy Footwork This photo lets the kids bare their soles.  (Sorry, I know….).   I really love this picture concept.  Just be […]

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Make Your Throwback Thursday Pix Into a Great Mother’s Day Gift

Ever posted Throwback Thursday pictures?*  Pulling your Throwback Thursday pix, or any set of meaningful old photos and placing them in a Photo Mambo Frame can make a really lovely Mother’s Day gift.  The Photo Mambo Frame will transform mom’s computer screen or iPad into a digital picture frame, displaying the special memories in the old […]

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A Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gift That Gives All Year

If you’re looking for an easy, heartfelt Mother’s Day gift, send a Photo Mambo Frame filled with the best family photos of the past year.   Photo Mambo transforms mom’s iPad or computer into a digital picture frame that updates itself every time you send new pictures.  It’s a gift that’ll keep giving all year long.  […]

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