Here’s to the Truly Grand Grandparents

Grandparents were the inspiration behind Photo Mambo.  So, we wanted to take a moment this Grandparents Day to say thanks for the remarkable, important role they play in our kids’ lives (and in ours).  Here is a video card to say thanks to the Grands. It is inspired by our own grandparents (my granddad did teach me to bait a hook, although he was perplexed by my discomfort about killing the worms).  We hope it reminds you of the goodness of the grandparents in your life, and we hope you’ll share it with them, and your friends, to honor Grandparents everywhere.  Happy Grandparents Day!

If you’re wondering why grandparents were the inspiration for Photo Mambo ….  I realized, when I became a mom, that my parents really wanted an easier way to be able to see the pictures of their grandchildren day after day.   We created Photo Mambo as a simple, private, more lasting way to share pictures.  Photo Mambo transforms any iPad or computer screen into a digital picture frame that displays shared pictures day after day and updates itself whenever you send new pictures.  No need for the grandparents to download, search for, or save the pictures, they simply pop into the frame and stay there to be enjoyed week after week.  If you feel inspired, give it a try.  We think it makes a delightful way to say “I love you” for Grandparents Day.


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