A Gift to Touch Their Hearts for Grandparents Day (And It’s Free)

Ten Reasons a Photo Mambo Frame is the Perfect Gift for Grandparents Day

  1. The Grandparents get 20 new pictures of the grand kids
  2. They’ll enjoy seeing your smiling faces in those pictures month after month (pictures stay on display)
  3. You send it without leaving your armchair
  4. It arrives the same day you send it (a procrastinator’s dream)
  5. This gift keeps giving all year long (updates as you send new pictures)
  6. FREE, but worth 20,000 words (If a picture paints a thousand words….)
  7. You can send it in 15 minutes or less
  8. Kill 4 birds with one stone — send it to all the Grandparents at once
  9. Private — you’re not sharing the pictures of your kids with the world; only with the grandparents
  10. The thought you put into picking the best photos will touch their hearts
  11. What?  It goes to 11?  Did we mention….they get 20 new pictures of the grand kids that they’ll see day after day, all year long.

Grandparents were the inspiration behind Photo Mambo, so we think t makes a pretty terrific Grandparents Day gift.  We Gift that Keeps Givinghope you will too.  Send them a Photo Mambo Frame filled with pictures of the family this Grandparents Day.  It’s fast and easy to do:

  • Get the Photo Mambo app for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC here
  • Pick 10-20 pictures and send them to the grandparents.  Photo Mambo makes it easy to include a note telling them Happy Grandparents Day.
  • They’ll get an email inviting them to install the Photo Mambo Frame on their iPad, Mac, or PC.
  • Once they do, they’ll be able to enjoy your pictures day after day.  On computers, the frame acts like a screensaver so they’ll see it every day.  With the iPad we love that it turns our tablet into a picture frame while we’re powering up.  One click of the Photo Mambo app while it’s charging and your iPad becomes an auto-updating picture frame.

I hope Photo Mambo will help connect the generations for your family this Grandparents Day.


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