A Unique Photo Gift from the Whole Family for Mom’s Day

Want to give mom a photo gift the whole family can participate in?  Photo Mambo let’s you transform Mom’s iPad or computer screensaver into a digital frame.  The family can collaborate to send photos from everyone, so her frame will be filled with smiling faces come Mother’s Day.

It’s a gift that keeps giving.  Mom can pop her iPad into frame mode whenever it’s charging or idle, so she can see your photos every day.  And her frame updates itself when you send new pictures throughout the year.  It’s a free, private, lasting way to share photos. A gift that lets the family work together to delight Mom, without even having to be in the same place.

Here is how to make it happen:

HOw to Mothers dAy infogram 2015

This tutorial shows how fast and easy it is to rally the family to create this unique and lasting gift.

And finally, here is a gift certificate to print or email to Mom and Grandma to announce your gift.

Mothers Day Gift Certificate         Mothers Day Gift Certificate

It’s a fun and easy way to rally the whole family together to send Mom and Grandma a gift she’ll enjoy all year long — a Photo Mambo on-screen frame filled with the families most important memories.  We hope it’ll delight the special moms in your life.

Photo Mambo Unique Mother's Day Gift

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