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Last Minute Dad’s Day Gifts That’ll Surprise Him (In a Good Way!)

Procrastinators of the World, I salute us!  We know that just because we didn’t look for a gift until 8pm the day before Father’s Day, it’s not because we don’t care.  So….here are 5 gifts from the heart to show dad, or grandpa, how much you care.  All of which you can pull off on June 21st, if need be.

Office Dad

If dad works in an office, give him a gift that’ll brighten his desk. day after day — a picture frame/screensaver for his computer or iPad that automatically updates when you send new pictures.  An app called Photo Mambo (available for iPhone/iPad, Mac or PC) 4. dad with comptuerlets you send Dad a beautiful digital picture frame filled with pictures.  Unlike most digital frames, there is no hardware to buy, and no tedious uploading of images with a memory card. This frame runs on Dad’s computer or iPad and automatically updates whenever you send new pictures from your phone or computer. So, grab the Photo Mambo app, pick a set of pictures for Dad, and send him a Photo Mambo Frame, along with a promise to send new pictures at least once a month.  It’s a gift he’ll love all year long.  Free at

Outdoors Dad

If dad loves to camp, check out the Pocket Rocket camping stove at REI.  At our last camping trip, all the dads were happily comparing who had the lightest weight camping stoves. (Smaller is better).  Never mind that this was a car-camping trip replete with 12″ foam mattresses, wine glasses, and table cloths…the camp_stoveallure of a tiny camping stove seemed to take the dads fondly back to their pre-child, serious backpack camping days.  So, even if dad’s “real” camping outings involve a 4-room Coleman tent and a family-pack of folding chairs, this little stove just might speak to the backpacker locked somewhere inside, just waiting  to reappear when the kids turn 15!  $39.99 at an REI store near you!

Geek Dad

Need something last minute to delight the geek in your dad or grand-dad?  How about a “Pi r Squared” square apple pie?

Square Pi Pie via Flickr by Dann  Tolliver
Square Pi Pie via Flickr by Dann Tolliver

Yes, it’s a little corny, but what nerdy dad worth his salt doesn’t love pi?  I mean pie.  The one in this picture looks a bit rectangular, but it’d be easy enough to do in a square pan.  Need a recipe?  This one looks pretty good…  About $7 worth of ingredients at 350 degrees.

Hail to the Chef Dad

If your dad is the king of the BBQ Grill, brighten up his grilling area by hanging string lights above the grill for him.  Surprise him with this cheery, thoughtful way to celebrate your favorite BBQ chef.  $14.99 at Target.

Any Dad (or GrandDad)

Grab the kids and take a special picture for Father’s Day.  Walgreens (or most drugstores) can do a nice 8×10 print for you, Dad Banner for Father's Daysame-day.  Check out an array of clever photo set-ups here, or on this Pinterest board.

So, fear not my fellow procrastinators.  There is plenty of time to pull together a great gift to show dad how much you care.


Deb Whitman is the co-founder of family photo-sharing service, Photo Mambo.

A Unique Photo Gift from the Whole Family for Mom’s Day

Want to give mom a photo gift the whole family can participate in?  Photo Mambo let’s you transform Mom’s iPad or computer screensaver into a digital frame.  The family can collaborate to send photos from everyone, so her frame will be filled with smiling faces come Mother’s Day.

It’s a gift that keeps giving.  Mom can pop her iPad into frame mode whenever it’s charging or idle, so she can see your photos every day.  And her frame updates itself when you send new pictures throughout the year.  It’s a free, private, lasting way to share photos. A gift that lets the family work together to delight Mom, without even having to be in the same place.

Here is how to make it happen:

HOw to Mothers dAy infogram 2015

This tutorial shows how fast and easy it is to rally the family to create this unique and lasting gift.

And finally, here is a gift certificate to print or email to Mom and Grandma to announce your gift.

Mothers Day Gift Certificate         Mothers Day Gift Certificate

It’s a fun and easy way to rally the whole family together to send Mom and Grandma a gift she’ll enjoy all year long — a Photo Mambo on-screen frame filled with the families most important memories.  We hope it’ll delight the special moms in your life.

Photo Mambo Unique Mother's Day Gift

3 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s nearly Mother’s Day!  But, there is still time for even truly skillful procrastinators to send a gift that’s more personal than just flowers and candy.  Here are three personalized, last-minute things you can do, with your kids, for Mother’s Day gifts!

Photos She Can Enjoy Day After Day

Send her pictures she can enjoy all year long.  Family photo-sharing service, Photo Mambo, is an ideal Mother’s Day

Photo Mambo's on-screen photo frame
Pictures that stay on display to enjoy all year.

present for any Grandma or Mom who has an iPad or computer.  Procrastinator bonus: you can send it on Mother’s Day; it arrives minutes later!

Pick about 20 – 30 of your nicest family photos from the past six months, and send them using the Photo Mambo service .  (Free to use at their website or with the iPhone app at the App Store).

Mom will receive an email inviting her to install the Photo Mambo Frame, filled with your pictures.  She’ll will enjoy seeing the pictures on Mother’s Day, of course. And, your pictures will stay front and center to be enjoyed long after May 10th.  She can click the Photo Mambo icon on her iPad any time, to transform it into a digital frame that automatically shows all the pictures you’ve sent her.  It gives her iPad a fun new function while it’s charging or otherwise idle.   No iPad?  No problem.  Photo Mambo also works as a screensaver for her Mac or PC computer.

Whether on her iPad  or computer, she’ll enjoy your pictures for weeks and months to come, and you can send new ones to update her frame whenever you have fun new moments to share.

If you want to make it really special, snap a couple of Mom’s-Day-specific photos to include, and let Photo  Mambo turn your pictures into a lasting gift she’ll enjoy all year long.

Make Her a Movie

Make a Simple Movie
Make a Simple Movie

Another quick and easy way to delight Mom or Grandma is to make a short movie telling her all the reasons she’s an awesome Mom/Grandma.

You can keep it simple.   Have the kids write down 3-4 reasons, each on a piece of paper.   Add a couple of your own, and then with your smart phone or camera film each person holding up a reason and telling her about it.  There’s no need for editing.  Just switch the cards out while the camera rolls and any “flubs” become part of what makes it adorable.  Editing video can be super time-consuming.

Or you can jazz it up just a bit. Especially if the kids are old enough to play with some of the many iPad video apps, they may want to help make the whole thing much more creative.  Apple’s iMovie allows the kids to create remarkably well-done movie trailers, Action Movie FX let’s them add big-screen special effects worthy of a Mother’s Day action flick, and Video Star is another special effects favorite* .

To share it….post it privately on YouTube.  (How-to info here).

Love You Coupons

A few years ago my daughter gave me  “Love You Coupons” for Easter, and highly recommend them for Mother’s Day!   They are adorable, and she gets so excited when I use them.  She came up with coupon ideas I would never have thought of, so let the kids have at it…their creativity may surprise you.

“Love You” Coupon

Some examples:  “I will wash your car with my hands”,  “I will help the plants grow any day”,  “I will put your shoes away on Wednesday or Friday”, and my favorite “I will help make the home we live in a better place any day”.

If you’re making coupons for a Grandmother who lives far away, you might try something like “I will send you a new art piece each week in May” or “I’ll Skype call you every Saturday morning in May”.

You can mail the coupons if you are only a pretender procrastinator.  Or you can photograph them and send via email if you are a truly great procrastinator.

Happy Mother’s Day at the 11th Hour!

* With special thanks to my tween-age iPad video app experts, Sophia and Carter.  🙂

Need a Thoughtful Last-Minute Gift? Try the Gift of Experience

So, it’s the eleventh hour and you need a gift, but you want something that is thoughtful and will touch the person you’re giving it to.  Instead of heading to the mall to hunt for something tangible, give the gift of a wonderful experience.   Tickets to a play, a NASCAR ride-along, a morning deliver of latte & donuts, a creative way to display pictures—you can craft a gift of almost any experience to delight your loved ones.

An experience gift can be a welcome surprise, especially for those who live in small spaces or who have accumulated plenty of belongings.  Many of us struggle with having more stuff than we have space for anyway.  So, here are 8 ideas to inspire you to put together your own experience gifts.  All can be pulled together at the last minute, and there is something here for almost any budget.

1. Spectator Events – Theater, Sports, Music, Movies                                                                            

theaterTickets to a fun event make a fabulous gift.  What kind of entertainment does your recipient love?  Local theater, basketball game, rock concert, modern dance?  You’ll find something for any budget here, from an affordable pair of movie tickets, to mid-priced college sports games, to expensive professional ballet tickets.  Your gift recipient will have a fun time, thinking fondly of you while they’re enjoying their event.  And hey, maybe you’ll even be invited as their guest.

2.  Twelve Days of Christmas Pictures                              

Delight someone you love with 12 Days of Christmas Pictures.  This is an especially ideal gift for grandparents.  Send them

Grandma photos each day from Dec. 25 – Jan 5.  It’s a thoughtful way to send smiles over several days.  You can email or Instagram photos, or for a more lasting experience, use a specialized service, Photo Mambo, that repeatedly displays your pictures in a screensaver/slideshow, so loved ones can enjoy them all through 2015.  Each time you send pictures, they’re added to the screensaver, with no need to save or download the pictures.  You’ll stretch the Christmas joy out to 12 days, and they’ll enjoy the photos well into 2105.

3. Creation                                                                                    

PotteryGive someone the time & tools to express their creativity this Christmas.  Last year, I gave my daughter two pottery wheel sessions at a local ceramics studio.  She had a wonderful time throwing pots, and is delighted to use the finished pieces as vases.  Many of my grown-up friends enjoy chatting over a glass of wine at the pottery glazing studio, and a new business in our neighborhood is offering painting lessons over cocktails.  Check your local area to see who is offering fun creative sessions; you never know what you’ll find.

4. Adventure                                                                          

Know someone who wants a little adventure in their life?  You can give gift certificates to drive a NASCAR car, try the flyingskydive trapeze, skydive in an indoor wind-tunnel, tandem skydive “for real”, or snuba in the tanks at your local aquarium.  Too wild?  How about an afternoon of laser tag or trampoline jumping – even for grown-ups.  These adventurous quests don’t usually come cheap; but for that special someone in your life, it might be just the thing.

5. Connection                                                               

The gift of spending a fun time TOGETHER can be one of the best gifts of all.  If family is close by, give the gift of a fun afternoon or whole day together.  Declare a  “Grandparent’s Afternoon” and gather to make home-made ice cream and play board games. Or plan a shared outing to play golf or hang at the

If your relatives aren’t local, get a technology-assist to create a fun connected experience.  Maybe surprise far-away grandparents with dinner and bedtime stories.  Have a local restaurant deliver dinner to them, have dinner ready at your house, then dine together via Skype or Facetime.  End the evening by letting the grandparents read bedtime stories to the kids over Skype.  It gives a special time and focus for using video chat to stay connected.

These are, of course, all very intangible gifts.  So, you’ll need a special way to present them.  Make a paper invitation describing your gift, and have the kids decorate it in their best artwork.  Schedule a date for the event to make it more real.  Wrap it up and voila, you’ve given the gift of connection.

6. Travel                   temp                                                                  

Send your loved one on a trip—near or far.  Our family friends do a “big” vacation every 3 years or so, and they make it a fun Christmas gift for their kids.  Planning spring break in Florida?  Make the kids a package with a pair of cool flip-flops and a note telling them they’ll be beaching it in April.  They’ll be excited immediately, and can enjoy the anticipation before the trip.  Or plan an overnight or weekend get-away for someone dear.  We’ve given Grandma an overnight trip, booking her hotel room & dinner at a nearby fun location.  It was a big hit, and didn’t leave her with one more glass knick-knack to place in her already crowded home.

7. Time                                                                                                       

Sometimes your time, skills, and thoughtfulness make the best gift.  These can be particularlyMow the lawn nice gifts for teens to give their parents or grandparents.  Give a loved one a gift certificate to mow their lawn, take down their Christmas lights, or wash their car.  Or plan a special delivery.  I’ve twice had a friend bring me a fresh baguette and hot latte on my birthday morning. Possibly the best gift ever!  Transform it for Christmas, by making a certificate promising fresh baked goods and latte to be delivered on a specific Saturday morning in chilly January.

8. Helping Others      temp2

Our neighbors have a tradition I really love.  Once every 3 or 4 years they all agree replace gifts to each another with gifts to charitable organizations in honor of one another.  They find out what charitable organizations their siblings love to support, and make a donation to that charity in his or her honor.  It’s a chance to find out what matters to your loved ones, and to learn about charitable organizations you may not be familiar with.   And it’s a lovely way to put the idea of holiday giving to work in the world.


So, forget about running to the mall to buy some gift item that may never get used.  Get your creative juices flowing and enrich your loved ones’ lives with a fun, entertaining, or educational experience this year.

Six Fun Ways to Share Your Most Adorable Halloween Photos

Here are six great ways to share pictures of your adorable tricky treaters, depending on what your sharing goals are!

There are hundreds of ways to share digital photos these days.  But, unlike Lord of the Rings, none provides “one sharing solution to rule them all”.  The choice of which photo sharing solution works best often depends on a) what your sharing

goals are, and b) who you’re sharing with.  So, here are six great ways to share your best Halloween photos, based on what goal you have for sharing them!Smilebox Slideshow with caption

1) Entertain ’em with full slideshow & spooky music:  When you’re looking for the full-blown entertainment effect,  Smilebox is hard to beat.  With dozens of creative Halloween templates, you can add pictures, short video snippets, and seasonal music.  It’s fast and very intuitive to use (you do have to download the software, but it’s not onerous), and you end up with a delightful slideshow with music. Choose your template carefully, depending on how many pictures you want to share. Some templates allow you to add only a few pictures, while others let you add 100 or more.  Some designs are free, others require a small fee.

2) Keep ’em smiling for months to come with a private, on-screen, digital frame:  When you want to share pictures in a lasting way, Photo Mambo’s on-screen picture frame is the way to go.  Photo Mambo lets your loved ones place a frame, filled with your pictures, on their Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone, so they can enjoy your spookyFor blog Photo Mambo Frame hallween pictures on Halloween day, and for weeks and months tocome.  On Mac and PC, the frame is a screensaver that keeps your pictures front and center.  An ideal way to let the grandparents enjoy those Halloween pictures

for weeks to come; Photo Mambo lets you share pictures of the kids privately, and is free to use. Like Smilebox, you install an iPhone or computer app.

3) Get the best party shots with group event photo sharing:   When you have multiple people who want to share pictures from one event, Dropbox is my preferred way to share.  For example, if many of your friends take photos of the same Halloween party, you all may want to all put the pictures in one place, so each person can select and keep the sub-set of pictures they like the best.  Dropbox is a convenient way to do this.  One person opens a shared Dropbox, and invites others to upload their pictures.  After all the photos are placed in the shared Dropbox, each person can decide which ones they want to download and keep for their own archives.  Dropbox is free for up to 2GB of storage; so it works best for small groups.  (The group can store about 1,000 photos if they’re 2MB each, but only 200 photos if they are large DSLR files of, say, 10MB each).  Over 2 GB, Dropbox’s pricing model, which requires each person to pay $9.95 per month, gets prohibitive.  So, if you plan to share more than 2 GB of photos, try Shutterfly’s share sites.  The price — free, unlimited, group photo sharing– is great, but the solution isn’t ideal  If you want to keep pictures, you have to tediously download them one at a time.  Shutterfly would much prefer you pay them to print them.  Speaking of which…

4) Paper Please! :  I know several grandparents who’d be happiest if they could get some of the Halloween pictures (along with pictures from the entire year) in a book they can keep around for viewing anytime.  Halloween is a pretty good time to Shutterfly Photobookput together a year-long photo book for holiday gifting.  Here is where I am big fan of Shutterfly.  I find their printing to be fast, consistently good quality, and fast to use.  If you have a bit more time and want something even more customizable, Blurb and Mixbook give even more options, but I find that Shutterfly’s blend of speed/ease and enough customization works well for me.  Oh, and they have 50% off of hard-cover photo books until Nov. 2nd!

5) Few & Fleeting for a Quick Smile:   When you want a super quick way to share a couple of snapshots as a way to give them a quick smile–the funny faces during pumpkin carving or mugging with the jack-o-lantern — the tried-and-true texting or emailing pictures works great.  Grandma and Grandpa may have to do a little work if they decide they want to keep or display the photos, but text and email are a nice way to drop a cute photo into someone’s daily routine, and are free to use.

6) Go Broad:  When you want to share pictures broadly with many friends, Facebook and Instagram make it fast and easy to reach many friends and family at once.  (assuming you’ve already connected with friends/followers on those services). Both are free to use, and a great way to reach out broadly.

So, there you have it’ six fun ways to share your sweetest, spookiest, shots of Halloween.  Hope your October 31st is full of fun memories worth capturing in pictures.  Did you know Halloween in one of the top picture-taking days of the year?

Happy Halloween!


Deb Whitman is co-founder of photo-sharing start-up Photo Mambo, and former vp of product management for Adobe’s Photoshop product line.  She founded Photo Mambo to create photo sharing solutions that connect the generations.



A Gift to Touch Their Hearts for Grandparents Day (And It’s Free)

Ten Reasons a Photo Mambo Frame is the Perfect Gift for Grandparents Day

  1. The Grandparents get 20 new pictures of the grand kids
  2. They’ll enjoy seeing your smiling faces in those pictures month after month (pictures stay on display)
  3. You send it without leaving your armchair
  4. It arrives the same day you send it (a procrastinator’s dream)
  5. This gift keeps giving all year long (updates as you send new pictures)
  6. FREE, but worth 20,000 words (If a picture paints a thousand words….)
  7. You can send it in 15 minutes or less
  8. Kill 4 birds with one stone — send it to all the Grandparents at once
  9. Private — you’re not sharing the pictures of your kids with the world; only with the grandparents
  10. The thought you put into picking the best photos will touch their hearts
  11. What?  It goes to 11?  Did we mention….they get 20 new pictures of the grand kids that they’ll see day after day, all year long.

Grandparents were the inspiration behind Photo Mambo, so we think t makes a pretty terrific Grandparents Day gift.  We Gift that Keeps Givinghope you will too.  Send them a Photo Mambo Frame filled with pictures of the family this Grandparents Day.  It’s fast and easy to do:

  • Get the Photo Mambo app for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC here
  • Pick 10-20 pictures and send them to the grandparents.  Photo Mambo makes it easy to include a note telling them Happy Grandparents Day.
  • They’ll get an email inviting them to install the Photo Mambo Frame on their iPad, Mac, or PC.
  • Once they do, they’ll be able to enjoy your pictures day after day.  On computers, the frame acts like a screensaver so they’ll see it every day.  With the iPad we love that it turns our tablet into a picture frame while we’re powering up.  One click of the Photo Mambo app while it’s charging and your iPad becomes an auto-updating picture frame.

I hope Photo Mambo will help connect the generations for your family this Grandparents Day.


Here’s to the Truly Grand Grandparents

Grandparents were the inspiration behind Photo Mambo.  So, we wanted to take a moment this Grandparents Day to say thanks for the remarkable, important role they play in our kids’ lives (and in ours).  Here is a video card to say thanks to the Grands. It is inspired by our own grandparents (my granddad did teach me to bait a hook, although he was perplexed by my discomfort about killing the worms).  We hope it reminds you of the goodness of the grandparents in your life, and we hope you’ll share it with them, and your friends, to honor Grandparents everywhere.  Happy Grandparents Day!

If you’re wondering why grandparents were the inspiration for Photo Mambo ….  I realized, when I became a mom, that my parents really wanted an easier way to be able to see the pictures of their grandchildren day after day.   We created Photo Mambo as a simple, private, more lasting way to share pictures.  Photo Mambo transforms any iPad or computer screen into a digital picture frame that displays shared pictures day after day and updates itself whenever you send new pictures.  No need for the grandparents to download, search for, or save the pictures, they simply pop into the frame and stay there to be enjoyed week after week.  If you feel inspired, give it a try.  We think it makes a delightful way to say “I love you” for Grandparents Day.


Do We Really Need Grandparents Day?

Sunday September 7th is National Grandparents Day here in the United States.  It’s a celebration that’s been disparaged as a Hallmark holiday,* and called redundant in the wake of Mother’s and Father’s Days.  And it’s certainly true, in our family, that grandmas are celebrated on Mother’s Day and grandpas feted on Dad’s Day.   And yet, I just can’t seem to muster cynicism for a holiday set aside to honor the grandest people in my and my child’s life.

I hold some pretty strong beliefs about the importance of “The Grands”, as one friend calls them.  I was lucky enough to have wonderful grandparents – one grandmother who was my #1 cheerleader and who still represents to me the ideal of unconditional love – and another grandmother who embodied a strength, pluck, and independence that inspired you to reach for distant dreams.    In turn, my own child is immersed in a village of equally nurturing grandparents (and god-parents), who shower her with love and acceptance.

There is much research highlighting the supportive role grandparents play in a child’s life.  Scholars have noted that close grand-parental relationships improve emotional well-being in the teen and young adult years, help children adjust during divorce, and create an “emotional sanctuary from the pressures of the outside world”.**

So, the idea that we might set aside a special day to honor these “Grands” strikes me as simply an ideal opportunity to appreciate the wonderful, amazing, important role they play in our lives.  Even if we did already give them a gift for Mother’s and Father’s Day!

We made the video card above to honor The Grands. It was, at least in part, inspired by my own grandparents, ( my grandma did sing Elvis to us).  It features a snippet of some terrific music by Rebecca Roubion.  We hope you enjoy it, and invite you to send it to your Grands.  Either on September 7th, or whenever you the mood strikes you.


Deb Whitman is a co-founder of private, family photo sharing service, Photo Mambo, which allows you to transform loved ones’ iPads and computers into a digital picture frame that updates itself. 

* By the way, National Grandparents Day wasn’t created by either Hallmark or, it originated with Marian McQuade, an activist on senior issues and vice-chair of the West Virginia Commission on Aging.  She had 43 grandchildren.  President Jimmy Carter signed a bill designating the first Grandparents Day in 1979.

** The quote is taken from the book, Grandparents, Grandchildren: The Vital Connection by Arthur Kornhaber, Kenneth L. Woodward, the other results are from research by Sarah A. Ruiz and Professor Merril Silverstein, and by Gretchen Lussier, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Judy Dunn, and Lisa Davies.

First Day of School Photo Traditions

As we arrived for the first day back to school, we saw the familiar line of families waiting to take pictures in front of the school

signboard.  I love this tradition of taking essentially the same picture of your kids, year after year, on the first day of school.  It’s an easy way to capture a time-series of similar shots you can enjoy (and use to the kids’chagrin at their graduation parties). With consistency and tenacity, you can end up with a 13-image time-series like this one.

Our version of the tradition is super simple: a picture with the backpack before we head out the door. That’s about all I can manage most “first days of school”, and I figure it has the highest chance of being a picture my child will still let me take when she is 12, 14, or 16.  I like to pair up this year’s photo with her kinder photo and Photo Mambo it off to share with the grandparents and aunties/uncles.

Some folks get super creative about this tradition. So, if you’re looking for inspiration, check out this Pinterest board for ideas like:

  • Order a large t-shirt printed with their graduation year and photograph them in that shirt every year through graduation
  • Chalk boards with the current grade and other info (like what I want to be when I grow up)
  • Apple on the head (sort of a William Tell thing?)
  • Have them hold a picture frame that says what grade they’re in
  • Pictures with the school bus or the family dog.
  • Lots of super-fancy printable signs to hold.
  • And don’t miss the photo showing 13 years of the kid standing in the same pose.

As fun as some of those pictures are, I might not count on them for a time-series.  By 4th grade, the embarrassment factor sets in, and asking them to pose in a too-big t-shirt or hold a fancy sign may earn you eye-rolling refusals.  If you’re planning a time-series, you might want to grab a simpler picture in addition to the more elaborate ones when they’re little.  Just to keep your options open.

As my fellow procrastinators know, the “first day” bonafides of your image need not be pristine.  I guarantee that a review of our “first day” pictures will turn up at least one year where the date on my photo wouldn’t agree with the school calendar’s first-day records.   First day…4th day… it all works.

Hope your family’s first day back to school is preceded by pleasant anticipation and succeeded by smiles!

Father’s Day Pictures to Delight Dad and GrandDads

As we head towards Father’s Day, I wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for Father’s Day pictures.  Pictures can be a terrific gift for even the most tough-to-buy-for dad or grand-dad.  And if you share them via Photo Mambo, your pictures will be enjoyed for months to come.

Fancy Footwork

This photo lets the kids bare their soles.  (Sorry, I know….).   I really love this picture concept.  Just be forewarned that THE hardest thing about capturing this shot is getting ticklish feet to stay still long enough to get the words written.  Much hilarity, and some smudging, ensued in our photo shoot.

Best of Fathers Day (7) edited

The inspiration for this shot came from a terrific blog, BeAFunMum.  Kelly’s image, below, shows how nicely this idea works with  a larger family, as well.  Kelly, many thanks for letting us share your picture here!
Feelings on feet copy of image from BeAFunMum Blog used with permission

Rockin’ Dad

The kids had a LOT of fun taking these photos.  We bought some Paper Jamz guitars ($20 – $30) and some felt letters and let them channel their inner rock stars.  As a bonus, the guitars were a big hit for playing around after the shoot (fair warning….you will want to befriend the volume knob).    And what dad doesn’t want to be told that he rocks on Father’s Day?

Best Fathers DayBest of Fathers Day (2) edited

Shadow Dancers

Make your father’s day message shadowy.  Generally, shooting near mid-day is terrible because of the harsh shadows.  This will be the one shot you actually want to shoot near mid-day (2 pm is good for shadows that are long enough but not crazy long).  One key trick…to hold the insides of letters like “O” and “D” in place, use toothpicks, which work best when the sign is cut from foam board.  The image on the left is mine; the better shot on the right comes from TwoGirlzStuff.  It’s very popular on Pinterest, and thank you Aja for letting us share your wonderful image and for inspiring our photo shoot!

best fathers day 7We heart dad from twogirlzstuff blog used with permission

Chalky Delight

Send dad or grandpa a delightful bit of chalk art to brighten up his Father’s Day.

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Signs of the Times

And finally, it’s easy to make (or buy) some signs that let the kids declare their love.  The hand-made messages are always fabulous, but if you are looking for the bubble signs like we used in the bottom two photos, check out Happy Booths on Etsy.  They do a great job.  (We made a special order for the Father’s Day signs).

fathers day sign composite

Of course, we hope you will send your fabulous Father’s Day pictures via Photo Mambo, so Dad and Grandpas can enjoy your Father’s Day greetings day after day.  Send a Photo Mambo frame to dad’s work computer, where he’ll enjoy seeing the pictures this week, next week, and for years to come.  Or send a Photo Mambo frame to grandpa’s iPad so he can enjoy the smiles again and again.

4. dad with comptuer5. Grandpa with ipad
On behalf of all of us at Photo Mambo, we hope your Father’s Day will be filled with joyful photos and much love!  And thanks so much to our friends who allowed us to share their children’s pictures with you!