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Last Minute Dad’s Day Gifts That’ll Surprise Him (In a Good Way!)

Procrastinators of the World, I salute us!  We know that just because we didn’t look for a gift until 8pm the day before Father’s Day, it’s not because we don’t care.  So….here are 5 gifts from the heart to show dad, or grandpa, how much you care.  All of which you can pull off on June 21st, if need be.

Office Dad

If dad works in an office, give him a gift that’ll brighten his desk. day after day — a picture frame/screensaver for his computer or iPad that automatically updates when you send new pictures.  An app called Photo Mambo (available for iPhone/iPad, Mac or PC) 4. dad with comptuerlets you send Dad a beautiful digital picture frame filled with pictures.  Unlike most digital frames, there is no hardware to buy, and no tedious uploading of images with a memory card. This frame runs on Dad’s computer or iPad and automatically updates whenever you send new pictures from your phone or computer. So, grab the Photo Mambo app, pick a set of pictures for Dad, and send him a Photo Mambo Frame, along with a promise to send new pictures at least once a month.  It’s a gift he’ll love all year long.  Free at www.photomambo.com.

Outdoors Dad

If dad loves to camp, check out the Pocket Rocket camping stove at REI.  At our last camping trip, all the dads were happily comparing who had the lightest weight camping stoves. (Smaller is better).  Never mind that this was a car-camping trip replete with 12″ foam mattresses, wine glasses, and table cloths…the camp_stoveallure of a tiny camping stove seemed to take the dads fondly back to their pre-child, serious backpack camping days.  So, even if dad’s “real” camping outings involve a 4-room Coleman tent and a family-pack of folding chairs, this little stove just might speak to the backpacker locked somewhere inside, just waiting  to reappear when the kids turn 15!  $39.99 at an REI store near you!

Geek Dad

Need something last minute to delight the geek in your dad or grand-dad?  How about a “Pi r Squared” square apple pie?

Square Pi Pie via Flickr by Dann  Tolliver
Square Pi Pie via Flickr by Dann Tolliver

Yes, it’s a little corny, but what nerdy dad worth his salt doesn’t love pi?  I mean pie.  The one in this picture looks a bit rectangular, but it’d be easy enough to do in a square pan.  Need a recipe?  This one looks pretty good…  About $7 worth of ingredients at 350 degrees.

Hail to the Chef Dad

If your dad is the king of the BBQ Grill, brighten up his grilling area by hanging string lights above the grill for him.  Surprise him with this cheery, thoughtful way to celebrate your favorite BBQ chef.  $14.99 at Target.

Any Dad (or GrandDad)

Grab the kids and take a special picture for Father’s Day.  Walgreens (or most drugstores) can do a nice 8×10 print for you, Dad Banner for Father's Daysame-day.  Check out an array of clever photo set-ups here, or on this Pinterest board.

So, fear not my fellow procrastinators.  There is plenty of time to pull together a great gift to show dad how much you care.


Deb Whitman is the co-founder of family photo-sharing service, Photo Mambo.

Father’s Day Pictures to Delight Dad and GrandDads

As we head towards Father’s Day, I wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for Father’s Day pictures.  Pictures can be a terrific gift for even the most tough-to-buy-for dad or grand-dad.  And if you share them via Photo Mambo, your pictures will be enjoyed for months to come.

Fancy Footwork

This photo lets the kids bare their soles.  (Sorry, I know….).   I really love this picture concept.  Just be forewarned that THE hardest thing about capturing this shot is getting ticklish feet to stay still long enough to get the words written.  Much hilarity, and some smudging, ensued in our photo shoot.

Best of Fathers Day (7) edited

The inspiration for this shot came from a terrific blog, BeAFunMum.  Kelly’s image, below, shows how nicely this idea works with  a larger family, as well.  Kelly, many thanks for letting us share your picture here!
Feelings on feet copy of image from BeAFunMum Blog used with permission

Rockin’ Dad

The kids had a LOT of fun taking these photos.  We bought some Paper Jamz guitars ($20 – $30) and some felt letters and let them channel their inner rock stars.  As a bonus, the guitars were a big hit for playing around after the shoot (fair warning….you will want to befriend the volume knob).    And what dad doesn’t want to be told that he rocks on Father’s Day?

Best Fathers DayBest of Fathers Day (2) edited

Shadow Dancers

Make your father’s day message shadowy.  Generally, shooting near mid-day is terrible because of the harsh shadows.  This will be the one shot you actually want to shoot near mid-day (2 pm is good for shadows that are long enough but not crazy long).  One key trick…to hold the insides of letters like “O” and “D” in place, use toothpicks, which work best when the sign is cut from foam board.  The image on the left is mine; the better shot on the right comes from TwoGirlzStuff.  It’s very popular on Pinterest, and thank you Aja for letting us share your wonderful image and for inspiring our photo shoot!

best fathers day 7We heart dad from twogirlzstuff blog used with permission

Chalky Delight

Send dad or grandpa a delightful bit of chalk art to brighten up his Father’s Day.

Best of Fathers Day (43) edited 3

Signs of the Times

And finally, it’s easy to make (or buy) some signs that let the kids declare their love.  The hand-made messages are always fabulous, but if you are looking for the bubble signs like we used in the bottom two photos, check out Happy Booths on Etsy.  They do a great job.  (We made a special order for the Father’s Day signs).

fathers day sign composite

Of course, we hope you will send your fabulous Father’s Day pictures via Photo Mambo, so Dad and Grandpas can enjoy your Father’s Day greetings day after day.  Send a Photo Mambo frame to dad’s work computer, where he’ll enjoy seeing the pictures this week, next week, and for years to come.  Or send a Photo Mambo frame to grandpa’s iPad so he can enjoy the smiles again and again.

4. dad with comptuer5. Grandpa with ipad
On behalf of all of us at Photo Mambo, we hope your Father’s Day will be filled with joyful photos and much love!  And thanks so much to our friends who allowed us to share their children’s pictures with you!