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Six Fun Ways to Share Your Most Adorable Halloween Photos

Here are six great ways to share pictures of your adorable tricky treaters, depending on what your sharing goals are!

There are hundreds of ways to share digital photos these days.  But, unlike Lord of the Rings, none provides “one sharing solution to rule them all”.  The choice of which photo sharing solution works best often depends on a) what your sharing

goals are, and b) who you’re sharing with.  So, here are six great ways to share your best Halloween photos, based on what goal you have for sharing them!Smilebox Slideshow with caption

1) Entertain ’em with full slideshow & spooky music:  When you’re looking for the full-blown entertainment effect,  Smilebox is hard to beat.  With dozens of creative Halloween templates, you can add pictures, short video snippets, and seasonal music.  It’s fast and very intuitive to use (you do have to download the software, but it’s not onerous), and you end up with a delightful slideshow with music. Choose your template carefully, depending on how many pictures you want to share. Some templates allow you to add only a few pictures, while others let you add 100 or more.  Some designs are free, others require a small fee.

2) Keep ’em smiling for months to come with a private, on-screen, digital frame:  When you want to share pictures in a lasting way, Photo Mambo’s on-screen picture frame is the way to go.  Photo Mambo lets your loved ones place a frame, filled with your pictures, on their Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone, so they can enjoy your spookyFor blog Photo Mambo Frame hallween pictures on Halloween day, and for weeks and months tocome.  On Mac and PC, the frame is a screensaver that keeps your pictures front and center.  An ideal way to let the grandparents enjoy those Halloween pictures

for weeks to come; Photo Mambo lets you share pictures of the kids privately, and is free to use. Like Smilebox, you install an iPhone or computer app.

3) Get the best party shots with group event photo sharing:   When you have multiple people who want to share pictures from one event, Dropbox is my preferred way to share.  For example, if many of your friends take photos of the same Halloween party, you all may want to all put the pictures in one place, so each person can select and keep the sub-set of pictures they like the best.  Dropbox is a convenient way to do this.  One person opens a shared Dropbox, and invites others to upload their pictures.  After all the photos are placed in the shared Dropbox, each person can decide which ones they want to download and keep for their own archives.  Dropbox is free for up to 2GB of storage; so it works best for small groups.  (The group can store about 1,000 photos if they’re 2MB each, but only 200 photos if they are large DSLR files of, say, 10MB each).  Over 2 GB, Dropbox’s pricing model, which requires each person to pay $9.95 per month, gets prohibitive.  So, if you plan to share more than 2 GB of photos, try Shutterfly’s share sites.  The price — free, unlimited, group photo sharing– is great, but the solution isn’t ideal  If you want to keep pictures, you have to tediously download them one at a time.  Shutterfly would much prefer you pay them to print them.  Speaking of which…

4) Paper Please! :  I know several grandparents who’d be happiest if they could get some of the Halloween pictures (along with pictures from the entire year) in a book they can keep around for viewing anytime.  Halloween is a pretty good time to Shutterfly Photobookput together a year-long photo book for holiday gifting.  Here is where I am big fan of Shutterfly.  I find their printing to be fast, consistently good quality, and fast to use.  If you have a bit more time and want something even more customizable, Blurb and Mixbook give even more options, but I find that Shutterfly’s blend of speed/ease and enough customization works well for me.  Oh, and they have 50% off of hard-cover photo books until Nov. 2nd!

5) Few & Fleeting for a Quick Smile:   When you want a super quick way to share a couple of snapshots as a way to give them a quick smile–the funny faces during pumpkin carving or mugging with the jack-o-lantern — the tried-and-true texting or emailing pictures works great.  Grandma and Grandpa may have to do a little work if they decide they want to keep or display the photos, but text and email are a nice way to drop a cute photo into someone’s daily routine, and are free to use.

6) Go Broad:  When you want to share pictures broadly with many friends, Facebook and Instagram make it fast and easy to reach many friends and family at once.  (assuming you’ve already connected with friends/followers on those services). Both are free to use, and a great way to reach out broadly.

So, there you have it’ six fun ways to share your sweetest, spookiest, shots of Halloween.  Hope your October 31st is full of fun memories worth capturing in pictures.  Did you know Halloween in one of the top picture-taking days of the year?

Happy Halloween!


Deb Whitman is co-founder of photo-sharing start-up Photo Mambo, and former vp of product management for Adobe’s Photoshop product line.  She founded Photo Mambo to create photo sharing solutions that connect the generations.